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Application for Water Hydrant Meter

To request a Water Hydrant Meter, download and submit the attached PDF or fill out the form below.


DOWNLOAD PDF: Application for Water Hydrant Meter


NOTICE: OCSD Code Section 6.14.030 (see below) covers rules for use of hydrant meters.


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OCSD Code 6.14.030: Temporary Supply From Fire Hydrants 

  1. Water may, upon application and a payment of a $30.00 fee, be procured for a fire hydrant permit wherein the applicant shall specify the location of the fire hydrant to be used. The applicant at the time of application shall pay the District a deposit of $500.00 as security for the meter and pay for the charges due. The deposit will be refunded, less the cost of the water used and a $30.00 disconnect fee, upon return of the meter device in the same condition as issued. 
  2. Application for hydrant meters shall be for a period of sixty days or portion thereof to run coterminous with the District billing period. Failure to renew the application within ten days of the expiration of the sixty-day period will cause the applicant to renew the application with a repayment of the application fee.
  3. Upon receiving permission to so procure water from a fire hydrant, the applicant shall only operate said hydrant with wrenches or tools specifically designed for hydrant operation. The use of crescent wrenches or other tools not manufactured for hydrant operation is prohibited.
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