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Resolution Archive

2019-14 Prop 1 IRWM Grant2019-13 Proposed Ordinance for Levy of a Special Tax on Real Property (Fire Tax)2019-12 Fire Prevention Week Proclamation2019-11 Residential Water Service2019-10 Lien on Properties2019-09 Emergency Actions2019-08 Appropriation Limitation FY 2019-202019-07 Preliminary Budget FY 2019-202019-06 Integrated Solid Waste Rates for 2019-212019-05 District Office Closure2019-04 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan2019-03 Oceano Depot Lease Renewal2019-02 Oceano Drainage Improvement Project2019-01 The 2019 District Investment Policy2018-16 Office Closures2018-15 Immediate Emergency Actions2018-14 Date Modification Utility Relocation2018-13 Conflict of Interest Code2018-12 Construction & General Conditions2018-11 Amending Re-occurring Payments2018-10 Lien on Properties2018-09 Preliminary Budget FY 18/192018-08 Appropriation Limitation FY 18/192018-07 Consolidation of Election2018-06 Rules Governing Bid Protests2018-05 Oceano Lagoon2018-04 Intent To Serve Letters2018-03 FCFA Budget Approval2018-02 Air Park Drive Project2018-01 Replacing 2016-07 Reoccurring Paymnts2017-11 Re-adopt 2013-06 Public Records2017-10 Environmental Processing Agreements2017-09 CEQA Guidelines2017-08 Amending 2014-15 Drought Emergency2017-07 District Investment Policy2017-06 CalPers 457 Plan2017-05 Lien on Properties2017-04 Interfund Debt2017-03 Public Facility Fees2017-02 Flood Mitigation Asst Program2017-01 Conflict of Interest Code with Exhibit2016-10 Uniform Public Construction Cost Acct2016-09 Final Budgets for FY16/17 & 17/182016-08 Conflict of Interest Code2016-07 Approve Reoccurring Payments2016-06 Lien on Properties2016-05 Appropriation Limitation2016-04 Preliminary Budgets FY 16/17 & 17/182016-03 Biennial Election2016-02 Surplus2016-01 Records Retention2015-10 District Parking Lot2015-09 Reimbursement Agreement Utility Svcs2015-08 Integrated Solid Waste Rates2015-07 Lien on Properties2015-06 Integrated Regional Water Management2015-05 Appropriation Limitation2015-04 Preliminary Budget FY 15/162015-03 Integrated Reg Water Mgmt Application2015-02 Hazardous Material Co-op Agreement2015-01 Water System Charges Resolution2014-20 Conflict of Interest Code2014-17 District Office Closures2014-16 Flood Control & Water Conservation2014-15 Drought Emergency Water Conservation2014-14 Water Energy Grant2014-13 Reimbursement Agreements2014-12 Purchase Order Utility Vehicle2014-11 Integrated Reg Water Mgmt Plan2014-10 Appropriation Limitation2014-09 Budget FY 14/152014-08 Declare a Water Shortage2014-07 FCFA Weed Abatement2014-06 Rates & Charges for Solid Waste2014-05 Biennial Election2014-04 Lien on Properties2014-03 PEPRA Member Paid Contributions2014-02 Budget FY 13/14 Amended2014-01 District Investment Policy2013-27 Budget FY 13/14 Amended2013-26 Appointing General Manager L Curtis2013-25 Director By-Laws Amended2013-24 Surplus2013-23 One-Time Late Fee Waiver2013-22 Legal Services Agreement2013-21 Extending GM Appointment for G Keefe2013-20 Rescinding Resolution 2013-132013-19 Rescinding Resolution 2013-182013-18 OCSD Admin Bldg Internal Fund Transfer2013-17 Budget FY 13/14 Adopting2013-16 Rescinding Resolution 2013-102013-15 Oceano Farmer's Market Committee2013-14 FCFA Weed Abatement2013-13 Delinquent Utility Charges2013-12 Delinquent Utility Charges2013-10 Budget FY 13/14 (Rescinded)2013-09 Interim General Manager2013-08 Appropriation Limitation 13/142013-07 Budget FY 12/13 Amended2013-06 Public Records Request Policy2013-05 Weed Abatement2013-04 General Mgr Job Description Change2013-03 Oceano Farmer's Market2013-02 Lien on Properties2013-01 Solid Waste Rates2012-14 Procurement Procedures2012-13 Meeting Policy & Procedures2012-12 Policy & Procedure Manual2012-11 Director By-Laws Amended2012-10 Appropriation Limitation 12/132012-09 Biennial Election2012-08 Budget FY 12/132012-07 Delinquent Utility Charges2012-06 Delinquent Solid Waste Collection2012-05 FCFA Weed Abatement2012-04 Rescinding Resolution 2007-182012-03 Water Sale Election Initiative2012-02 Lien on Properties2012-01 Weed Abatement


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